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    Monday, September 29, 2008

    Travelling in Indonesia - if only... 

    I have questions for expats from Indonesia who now reside all over the world. Who will actually go back to Indonesia and stay in their city for the whole week?

    No, right? You want to travel. Travel is a necessities when you visit Indonesia - besides eating a lot of good food, of course. And freakishly, there's a lot of destinations to choose from.

    One thing I really miss when I'm in Indonesia is the absent of high tech travel tools.

    If I want to sneak in a couple of days to visit my friends in Jogjakarta or Bali, how do I plan the trip? Everything will goes back to be manual by phone call and phone book. Aaah.. the great big yellow book - you can kill a person with that. Transportation? Can I buy train tickets online? No, you have to go to the station to buy train tickets. Call them up first to check the schedule. Hmm.. maybe I should just pay a travel agent to do all the work for me.

    Also, Like Anthony Bourdain's hotel in No Reservation - Indonesia, how will I know about the hotel if they don't have the website? Yea, I want to be served kue putu in my room while overlooking the lake. Double-salivating. Does anyone know the name of that hotel?

    Actually Indonesians are pretty ok with online technologies. Blogs are like peanuts nowadays. But not businesses. They still have problems understanding how eCommerce works. A lot of the brick-and-mortar businesses haven't really adapted to online technologies as well as they do in United States.

    I'm so used to priceline and checking message boards for great deals in Vegas. Also, lately I've been checking this website - Hotels Combined - http://www.hotelscombined.com/. Yea, it's something like kayak.com, but strictly for hotels & have more selections. Well, they have good amount of Jakarta/Bali/Singapore hotels too... so it may come in handy when I'm in Jakarta. When I'm in Penang, I'll just let the Malaysian decide.

    But I can't go to new malls by checking routes in Google maps. Not to mention the GPS that has become my BFF lately is going to be rendered useless. Dunno if they have Jakarta/Bali/Singapore/Penang files for my Magellan, I doubt it though.

    Speaking of which, I want to go on cruises for honeymoon. Indonesia has so many destination for cruises, if only the ports were good enough for cruise ships, I would've take cruises to go to Indonesia instead of planes. Must be fun.

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    Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    Indonesian identity crisis 

    With so many great news about China these past years, many Chinese-Indonesians may be tempted to reclaim their identities as Chinese again. I know several friends who have identified themselves as Chinese born in Indonesia rather than as an Indonesian.

    Who can blame them? Indonesia as a family is still struggling with its own identity. Topics like UU Pornography bill should have been cleared out a looong time ago. This is a question that shouldn't dominate our politics. It's a sign that we as a country hasn't matured yet.

    The Indonesian culture has been threatened for years and years. Cultural identity wars are everywhere and we're definitely losing it. We assimilate into bigger, better, stronger cultures -- Western, European, Japan, Korean, Chinese.

    Yea, I was readily embrace Japan Kawaii culture along with hundreds of my peers. The Japanese invaded our life through Hello Kitty & Doraemon. Now I looked back and wondered how that ever happened? They were nothing but stupid cats with big eyes and overblown proportions.

    Learning Japanese language was so cool and so in. Notice my nick? a0z0ra? It means blue-sky in Japanese. I was a middle-schooler when I adopted that nickname.

    How about Indonesian language? Indonesian names? Indonesian babies everywhere have started to adopt foreign names since a long time ago. Gabrielle, Ivan, Monique, Fanny, Diana, etc etc. You know what... now they have started naming babies with Japanese names. Even the pribumis. Cmon, how do you deal with a Malay-looking babies with names like Hiroko and Ayumi? Where are the Joko's & Susi's? Now I've grown appreciation with people who named their babies distinctively Indonesian. Maybe someday I'll have my own babies named as 'Putri' (means daughter) or 'Teguh' (means strong).

    What makes you proud to be an Indonesian? Can you still remember them?

    Well, since I've been in US for a long time, these are the closest (& the most realistic) things I can remember:

    I am proud to be Indonesian everytime I watch Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation Indonesian show.
    I am proud to be Indonesian when I saw our sportsmen/women won gold in Olympic.
    I am proud to be Indonesian everytime I google MRVL (Marvell) company because Sehat & Pantas Sutardja were born in Jakarta.
    I am proud to be Indonesian everytime my Indonesian friends got their PHds in acclaimed US universities.
    I am proud to be Indonesian everytime my Indonesian friends got accepted in Ivy League institutions.
    I am proud to be Indonesian everytime I see an Indonesian group in big numbers hanging out and having fun.
    I am proud to be Indonesian everytime I visit restaurants with Indonesian food as the main course.
    I am proud to be Indonesian everytime I see the Indonesian isle in Ranch 99 (local Chinese grocery store).

    What are yours?


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    Thursday, September 18, 2008


    A faithful reminder, your body is fragile, this world is temporary. Soul is eternal, what you left behind is kept in the memory of those you touch. It can be good or bad.

    What is your life about then?

    I surely hope each of us lead a good life, an unselfish life, a life that is shared with others in good times and bad times. What a long road.

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    Friday, September 05, 2008

    SDAFF 2008 

    9th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

    If you happened to be in San Diego at that time, send me an email.


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