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    Tuesday, September 25, 2007

    Pray for Burmese People 

    Please remember to include the Burmese in your daily prayer. After years of militant oppression, monks & nuns are leading a peaceful protest against the China-backed military.

    Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7011884.stm

    Image taken from BBC site.

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    Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    Blind Fanaticism 

    I want to love my faith as my family.

    I don't want to fail as a family member. A family member need to be thankful for its good things. A family member also need to provide constructive criticism for his/her family.

    I don't want to have blind fanaticism where I fail to recognize that my Church is, after all, have a human touch in it. A failure to recognize this will make me a dangerously proud & narcissistic person.

    Enclose too tight in my comfort zone, I will become an intolerant person. I will only see the world in a very defined glasses without having my own special thoughts.

    Stray too far, I will succumb to mediocrity. I will dissolve without having any special attributes which may benefit society.

    After all, my Church is a dynamic one, a bahtera, a ship over the sea of life. We recognize that changes will come, and when they come we want to make sure it is not damaging the truth baton that we want to pass.

    I want to love my faith as I would love my spouse. A living, breathing body of Christ in human form, with all its achievements & mistakes. I don't want to blindly adore him nor do I want to bombard him with criticism.

    I want to learn how to love my faith from my elders. The glorified & the fallen ones. The famous & the notorious ones. Those priests that are faithful & those who have succumb to mortal desires. Humans at their most honest hearts, struggling in the marriage to their creators.

    I want to learn the humility of the one who stands tall but walks with head down. The one with wisest mind but speak with soft voice. The one who have peace with their God, master of their emotions, savior for their people, yet invisible for those who don't recognize, like a pearl before swines, hidden from the world who celebrate greed & pride.

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    Friday, September 14, 2007

    The art of reading people 

    Call it the charisma, the aura, the presence. It seems like people can notice those with powers instantly. The eyes, you may say, truly reveal all. According to Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships, it is the closest bridge to mind.

    No matter how you call it, people will do snap judgements within milliseconds with their eyes. Whether the judgement is close to reality is another story.

    Those with the most expressive face tend to dominate the group. These people are very skillful in reading people. They usually know what people want and how to make them happy. Their judgements usually very close to reality. They may know what makes that person ticks within couple of minutes. In conversation, they not only hear the voice, they also listen to the body language & what their hearts tell them. Once you get all the information, you'll know how to create happiness for this particular person. Repeat the process several times with different people, and in the end you'll gain high points in social ranks.

    Those who are shy, quiet & less expressive, they are usually clueless. They tend to have bigger error margins in reading people. They don't know how to act in a social situation, they will say the wrong things at the wrong time, offend people repeatedly & thus lose points in social ranks. Only with God's grace can this people still have healthy social life.

    However, I believe the art of reading people is a skill that can be learned. If one is honest and know s/he needs help, s/he can be an expert within time. This can be achieved only through trial & error. Even though one can learn from a mentor, like swimming, it is through trial and error s/he can truly master the skill.

    Within time s/he is going to graduate from this school of art & find his/her own unique way of connecting with people. Until then, just be merry & happy.

    The prerequisite is that one has to be honest. Those who are arrogant don't think that they aren't skillful. They will be left behind in their own little world. And they will get angry for not receiving the love they think they deserved, and start to believe that the world is against them. To this manner, I'd say, only God's grace can open their eyes.


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    Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    Countdown to my sister's wedding 

    My lovely loud vibrant famous alien sister is going to have a wedding this month in Dallas Texas. She may magically evolved into the famous Bridezilla (heard so many horror stories on the internet). Along will come her loud vibrant crazy friends too. It's gonna be Super. Just imagine, a wedding where everyone have a crazy good loud time, champagne, cake and all. Fab.

    My Malaysian dude is probably going to enjoy the loudness & all that jazz. He was born for it. I may need to recover for a whole day from over-exposure. I'm a meek gal after all.

    I can't wait until my parents arrived. The last time I saw them was 2 years ago. They will be here for the wedding with two of my aunts. Then off they go to vacations across Texas & California. Too bad, I can't take days off that long. I can only accompany them when they arrive in California. Vegas, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, here we come. Oh wait, I'm already in San Diego :D

    Speaking of which, looking at the flabbergasping hotel prices in San Fransisco (for 8), I decided to try renting a house for a mere $200ish/night. It looks very decent in the photos. I hope it will be so.

    Got a very good deal on 4-star hotel in Vegas. 4 days 3 nights, 2 bedrooms for $400ish total in MGM. I'm a happy meek gal. Currently contemplating whether to try the front-desk tip.

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    Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    Friendship between a man & a woman 

    I used to write that deep friendship among a man & a woman can exist if both parties agree not to proceed further.

    Here I am, 3 years older, and I have changed my mind.

    There is no honest deep friendship between a man & a woman, especially if they are still single.

    By nature, woman almost always try instinctively to "capture" husbands, and man will always view woman as possible mate for making children (aka sex). There are always hidden intentions whether the woman/man realize it or not. One shouldn't be careless or naive enough to really believe that it is possible.

    Bah! I don't believe this crap. You may say. After all, you can't really see my heart so you shouldn't judge me in such matter.

    True, I shouldn't judge you. However, I do believe that I am entitled to see it as an observer and propose my understanding of it. This is what I believe, and from my eyes I would interpret it as such; those with deep/longterm friendships with opposite sex will view the friend as:
    - backup (for marriage/sex),
    - source of approval (checking own's value in the market),
    - source of attentions & affections from opposite sex

    For those who are interested further, you can read part III Chapter 18 of Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales.

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