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    Sunday, August 26, 2007

    Indonesians killing other Indonesians 

    A sudden thought last Friday made me angry like hell.

    Are our leaders a greater threat to Indonesia than the so-called-evil occupants for the 3-1/2 (more or less) centuries?

    If, let's say, Soeharto was the British governor of India when Gandhi started to arise, would Gandhi be allowed to live & later touch millions of hearts outside of India?

    Do we value human lives, the gifts of Allah, more than our western neighbors?

    Behold, Indonesia is a nation where heroes (human rights activists) were murdered and forgotten like insects. Where brilliant minds are declared have no value and erased from the face of the earth. This is the land where Ita Martadinata & Munir killed and perhaps future heroes will be murdered, with no glimpse of future justice.

    From our own culture & in our own soil, Soeharto was born. We were responsible for our own blood. We killed our own children. We, just like our Vietnamese (Vietcong) & Cambodian (Khmer Rouge) neighbors, have this weird culture where elimination of human lives solve problems. And apparently, we are very good at it.

    I heard some people would still linger at the thoughts of why they missed the old-days of Soeharto where stability rules. If (military) stability was built on top of cruelty & genocide (not to mention selling out our economy), would I still be enjoying it? Is that a really necessary sacrifice for the good of all (utilitarian)?

    Are we that kind of ignorant people who would demand blood for mere-short-stability which can collapse any second? Are we really that short-sighted?

    Afterall, I thought Indonesia is the land of peace-loving people, where justice prevails & harmony is a must. Should we start reflecting on our own values?

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    Wednesday, August 22, 2007

    Meet The Bevlys 

    Last weekend, I had a chance to meet Jennie S. Bev & Beni Bev, famous Indonesian expats bloggers. They were on vacation in San Diego for a couple of days. They were very nice to spare their precious time to meet me.

    They were very different from people I usually meet. Jennie is nice & very down-to-earth, she looked at you in the eyes, listened very well, and a very good talker. I can chat to her easily. Beni is mature, cool, calm & collected. He is more of a heavy talker; social-politics stuff. I can easily mistake him for my college professor.

    Like I said, they were very different from people I usually meet. They are the first visionaries I've ever meet. It is really nice for them to come and reach out; and I really believe people like them should do this often to people like me (insert Spiderman's quote here). People, especially the naive young ones, crave for good mentors; someone to look up too, someone to show the way, someone to follow.

    While I'm at it, for those live in Southern California, there will be a 1965 Incident Road Show in US with A. Suryo Wicaksono (Ester Jusuf's husband) in Los Angeles, 18 - 22 September 2007. He will talk about the killing of estimated 500,000 - 1 million people during Soeharto's revolution. This 1965 revolution is also notable for introducing racist laws to strip Chinese-Indonesian from their identity; name, language, positions in laws, religion (Konghucu) etc. So if you want to put the blame on why Malaysian Chinese are better off than Indonesian Chinese amidst the similar social-politic environment, you can blame this stinky revolution.

    Link can be found here: http://www.overseasthinktankforindonesia.com/?p=181


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    Thursday, August 16, 2007

    Forgetful not 

    The memories of past friendships haunt me
    vividly, in my dreams
    I can't believe how happy I was
    the naive, young freshman girl
    stupid as stupid be
    didn't really understand the law of causal-effect

    Back then,
    I'd say whatever I want to say to whoever I want,
    purely honest, no politics, no hard-feeling,
    so ego-satisfying, purely emotionals, just want to have fun,
    prancing, prancing, and prancing around

    That was then,
    I'm looking back now, I truly can't believe how happy I was
    As stupid as I see it now, I darely not change anything if I can
    I'll just be there, like watching butterflies in the meadow
    floating, flying, dancing around

    I've always guard it, to continuously keep it in my heart, silently, knowingly,
    courageously, understandingly,

    yet I'm looking forward to the bright future,
    the future that hold my dream in sight,
    beautiful passions that drive me onward,
    to achieve whatever things I need to achieve,
    to love all the people I got to love,
    to listen all the wisdom I'm allowed to hear,
    to practice them all,
    yes, I'm going to keep walking to the frontline,
    the beautiful battlefield that I'm supposed to be in

    that is one hell of a diamond, my precious thing that is.

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    Sunday, August 12, 2007

    Link - Litany of Humility 

    Click here to see Litany of Humility

    That others may be esteemed more than I
    That, in the opinion of the world,
    others may increase and I may decrease
    That others may be chosen and I set aside
    That others may be praised and I unnoticed

    My notes:
    In conclusion, the desire for humility is a grace from God. Then, Humility itself must be entirely divine in nature. How amazing!

    Deep thanks to my gorgeous KeongMas gokujin-sama - Renesule - who linked to this litany. Her extremely entertaining blog can be accessed here.

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    Wednesday, August 08, 2007

    Article - Malaysia not to hamper flow of Indonesian films and music 

    Link here

    Hmm.. monkey babies are we? Who is the hanoman here? Is it our fault that our music & arts are far more developed than yours? Is it our fault that the Malay market over there like our music & movies?

    Feed your citizens more Malay culture. Malaysians have identity crisis; the country is filled with western & hongkong-wannabes. They can't even speak Malay properly after high-school, yet they call themselves Malaysians. Shameful. Tsk-tsk. The Indonesians, even after living several years in other countries, we don't lose our language.

    At least there's one commonality between us & Japanese, ne?

    P.S: Yea, I have a Malaysian boyfriend.. that's how I know he & his friends can't speak good Malay hahaha

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    Monday, August 06, 2007

    Love is not Arrogant 

    You've been there. You've meet them. These people have the attitude of God-wannabes. They hold their heads up high, speak in arrogant low-pitch tone, smirk when witnessing a mistake, somebody else's for sure.

    Their whole body language makes you want to slap them silly, "Wake up, you self-delusional (*^%(.. You're no better than us!"

    However, in reality perhaps they are truly better than us. They may have been blessed so much that you'd think they have every right to be proud (in world's term, nonetheless). It's just that arrogant, heaven-almighty attitude that is so hard to accept. Ugh.

    Why are they behaving like that?
    What makes them think they are better than us?

    I remember one of our friend, JJ, spoke about pride in one of the prayer meeting session. He quoted heavily from CS Lewis "Mere Christianity". All in all, what I remember from the session is such:
    "If you think you don't have pride, you are very arrogant."
    "If you think you are arrogant, then you are safe."

    ??? Such a puzzling statement, don't you think?
    So, following the above rule, let's apply that to myself.
    I don't think I have pride = I'm helplessly arrogant.

    Lord have mercy.

    Then again, that is probably true. Most arrogant people may not even know that they are arrogant. They have subconcious thoughts that always running in their mind whenever they interact with other human, such as:
    - I am a lot better than this person.
    - They are just jealous. Can't help it.
    - So what? I'd like to be positive & self-confident thank you very much.

    In retrospect, people feel offended when they interact with the arrogants. They don't like:
    - being judged as less worthy
    - being minisculed before knowing each other's traits
    - being passed over without their permission

    I think arrogancy is universally bad because it eliminates any trust & teamwork that is needed in everyday life. Arrogancy elevates unhealthy competition to a new level. By being arrogant, you dismissed people as being unworthy of your time. By being arrogant, you consider people to be objects that you can easily use. I don't like being used, I believe you don't either.

    Thus, in western world, humility is a trait to be praised. It is hard to be humble when everyone wants to be better than each other. It is hard to be humble when you know you have talents that others don't. It is tremendously hard for leaders to be humble and gain respect from their followers at the same time. Thus those who are skilled in humility are always high in demand. They are very likeable.

    How to deal with arrogant people?
    Sometimes, the so-called-arrogant people behave that way because inside they don't have much self-confidence. That is why they tend to bring down people before they have to prove their supremacy. Those who are easily swayed will believe that they are indeed lower than the arrogants. We must be strong in faith that God creates all souls equally in value. However, God gives graces accordingly to each unique design. If we are strong enough, their arrogancy should have little effects on us.

    Also, following the above rule we should be conscious that we are not entirely free from pride. After all, Adam & Eve ate the forbidden fruits because they wanted to be like God. To keep ourselves from being arrogant, daily prayers & meditations should be useful. Along with many weak spots, pride is on top of my list (Yea right, as if I have many things to be proud of..)

    So, in conclusion:
    - We need to be patient & kind to people we considered as arrogant. Our judgement may differ from God's. If you care about them, consider praying for their good.
    - Meantime, we need to realize that there is pride inside all of us. Pray to receive strength to overcome this heavy temptation and grant us graces to be humble.

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