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    Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    Article - Stuff Owns You! 

    Give it to Paul Graham for composing such a wonderful, wonderful article.

    Link: http://www.paulgraham.com/stuff.html

    Companies that sell stuff have spent huge sums training us to think stuff is still valuable. But it would be closer to the truth to treat stuff as worthless.

    In fact, worse than worthless, because once you've accumulated a certain amount of stuff, it starts to own you rather than the other way around. I know of one couple who couldn't retire to the town they preferred because they couldn't afford a place there big enough for all their stuff. Their house isn't theirs; it's their stuff's.

    My 2 cents:
    I never really think much about owning stuff, because when I was little I already learn how valuable saving money is. Without money saved, I would never step my foot in US. That's why I have an extreme discipline about spending money. I'm not cheap however, my parents always urge me to spend money on life experiences rather than stuff. I have my weak points on entertainment (like watching movies, theatre performances & dining out) but spending money on stuff? I feel guilty, but I never know the cause.

    Paul Graham really hit it on the bullseye. Stuff suck energy out of you. If you owned stuff, you have to take care of it, making sure you use it often, because if you don't use it you will feel guilty. Why? Because when you make a purchase, you decided to put a value on the thing. If you don't use it, you will regret it and deep inside you know you make mistakes. Nobody likes regrets.

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    Monday, July 30, 2007

    Article - Acts of Kindness 

    The link - http://www.thestar.com/ActsofKindness/article/190134

    We didn't speak Indonesian, and they didn't speak English, but we spent the next hour or so communicating with hand gestures and a few phrases in a small phrase book we had.

    Once the rain stopped, we went on our way with a repaired tire and memories that we'll be telling for decades.

    My take:
    Now this is what Indonesia need, good publicity. Kindness to people in need, courtesy to strangers, sincere smiles to all.

    Indonesia on my mind has to be a country with open arms, honest, very warm & inviting; just like a kawaii anime girl. Unlike our neighbor, Singapore, the beautiful cunning little sister with shifty eyes. Watch out, she can bite (Tee hee).

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    Monday, July 23, 2007

    I'm from a third world country, after all 

    The Indonesians,

    Perhaps we were not destined for greatness
    perhaps we have to be satisfied with begging to first world countries

    What is it? Seems like Japanese, Chinese, Koreans & Singaporeans understand something that we don't...
    But why? What is it? Such great mystery keep me awake at night

    Those Asians, they don't necessarily speak better English
    yet, they stand up straight and walk ahead
    Why can they held their head up high, while we lower our heads in shame

    Laziness? Is it?
    Betrayal? Is it?
    Fear? Is it?

    "Such a low country doesn't deserve us," some Indonesians may say
    they are trying to make first world countries their new homes
    so they can have a taste of pride
    and the luxury of boasting

    "Awesome, she lives in USA"
    "Wow, she makes US dollars"

    Must be a good life eh?
    Can't complain much, I'd say. Life is good here.

    Yet time & time again, I saw that other Asians (Japanese, Koreans, HongKongers, Singaporeans) gone home for good. They like it there at their countries.
    Although they sometimes complain, I sense proud in their voices
    Life can be good there too. Besides, it looks like their countries can only get better each passing year.

    How did those Asians learn "pride" for their country? Why not me?
    What pride should I offer then, as Indonesians?

    As a society, we are taught to distrust our leaders, that they are very shamefully corrupted
    (perhaps this is the way the good ole' Dutch prefer us to be)
    That justice is a crude joke & criminals over there are having great time
    The Javanese culture doesn't do much in world stage than the Japanese culture
    Our movies *really* sucks (Sad to say, but if you say it takes years to bring quality why the Thais can do it?)

    Don't compare, you say? Maybe this relax behavior is harmful. Little competition can bring a lot of good things along. Like, not losing our smart engineers to Singapore (that cunningful little %^*(&^7).

    We may need to open our eyes and face the world out there
    teach our children to be curious and learn new things

    Of course, being with other Indonesians, continue speaking & writing in Indonesian bring comfort, joy and acceptance
    but we also inherit childish, clueless behaviors & running in circles

    If we dare to go out there, little by little, we could have been great. We could have gone from "Imitating" stage to "Inventing" stage like we should.

    Imagine an Indonesia that people like to visit
    Imagine people start wearing kebayas like they buy kimonos
    Imagine people start learning Indonesian like they learn Mandarin
    Imagine youtube would start offering Indonesia sinetrons with million of hits
    Imagine an Indonesian film being redone as Hollywood movie
    Imagine having an Indonesian food everywhere, like Chinese food

    Wouldn't that be great?

    Truly, Really, I dream of an Indonesia that I can speak about, with pride & joy

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    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    Sleeveless = immoral? 

    This is oh so wrong on so many levels.

    Singer from Malaysia held over dressing in sleeveless shirt & long pants.

    These religious police govern the Moslems, who most are pribumis. In Malaysia the pribumis cannot change religion, Islam is predetermined for them since birth.

    Indonesia, albeit known as the fertile ground of terrorists activity, surprisingly doing a lot better to curb extremist enthusiastics than our jiran neighbor. I wonder whether one day the clunch of the extremist would be so powerful that Malaysian pribumis would mass-imigrate to Indonesia; where lands are plenty & people are nicer.

    BTW, these polices remind me of the arrogant Pharisees in the Bible. They are trying to be judges of men instead of be kind, compassionate to their people & believe in a just God.

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    Thursday, July 12, 2007

    Link: The Traps of the Inner Circle 

    Brian Kim has a very nice article about Inner Circle, a topic that is very dear to my heart.

    Excerpt from the article:
    The need to belong is very strong. We want to feel accepted by our fellow peers. It’s perfectly healthy and normal to want to be part of an inner circle but when you look at it from a deeper angle, it proves to bring along with it a couple of traps that many people fall into.

    In any inner circle, there is an unspoken understanding of the profiles of each person within the group. This is essential because it gives the illusion of stability in terms of status within the inner circle. John is this kind of person. Adam is this kind of person. Bob is that kind of person.

    BUT, when you start rocking the boat, it shakes up the “stability” of the inner circle and when you start to change yourself and try to become more than what you’ve been profiled as by the inner circle, it threatens the harmony of the group and it’s natural for other people in the inner circle to try to “put you back in your place” so to speak.

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    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    Born Identity 

    If you are born second in a family (or third etc), no doubt you will have different life experiences than the firstborn. Thus you will have different personalities.

    I think it may also occur in twins. The one who is out minutes earlier is counted as older one.


    My conclusion:
    I'd say most of the natural born leaders are firstborns, but the best leaders (the minority ones) are the perfectionist secondborns. Don't you agree? :)

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