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    Friday, April 27, 2007

    New Year 2006 in Vegas 

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    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Blame guns 

    If you haven't know yet, there was a tragedy on Virginia Tech school whereby an angry Asian American gunned down 32 people (including himself) and wounded many others.

    Here's my take.

    Blame guns. Guns enable an angry man to take so many lives in such a short time.

    Angry people exist in every corner of the world; in your office, in your church, in your mosque, in your extended family, name every human community and you can be sure that there will be some angry people with distorted ideas of revenge & justice.

    These angry people, on one fateful event, may become very angry & decide to take things into their own hand. In a country such as Indonesia, they may take knives and start stabbing people. How many people die? I can assure you, knife as a weapon is easy to deflect & before this person can do more damage, people around him would have restrained him & the mass would have stoned him to dead (Ha! Street Justice). My body count estimate would be around 3-4 people.

    Now if you switched from knife to gun, increase the body count by 10 times. Why? Because guns are so effective as a weapon; the bullets travel really fast & it's very hard to dodge them. The reload time is also very fast. If you played Doom before, you would have understand.

    In United States there's such fascination with guns. In war countries they may be very useful to defend one's family against chaos that may occur anytime. In a peaceful country with no real threats such as US, what good are they? Guns are easily attainable in the name of personal defense & freedom. That freedom results in so many tragedies.

    Angry people are facts of life which have been around for centuries. Can't educate them, can't get rid of them. To think such thing possible is a sad utopic adventure. Yet, putting stricter controls of guns - like they were mini nuclear weapons of mass destruction - may work a lot better. This is what I believe.

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    Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    Belum tahu mau kemana (Indonesian version) 

    Belum tahu mau kemana, ujarku pada bayangan di cermin
    tapi moga2 ke arah yang tepat

    Entah mengapa tapinya, tanyaku sambil garuk2 kepala
    semakin melangkah kok musuh terlihat makin banyak

    mata2 dingin menatap
    senyum menghilang
    muka dibuang

    duh gusti, gusti
    bukannya makin gampang mencintai orang
    kok sepertinya makin susah dicintai orang

    kasihan loh, orang2 sabar & baik yang masih nyapa, mereka susah-payah ramah-tamah
    jangan2 saya diingat dalam doa mereka.. wah senang juga
    semoga aja bukan yang ini ya:"Maafkan dia ya Tuhan, karena dia tidak tahu apa yang dia perbuat" (jangan-jangan)

    Yah, gitu deh.. makin tua makin hobi kepleset
    makin nekat, makin banyak bikin salah, makin takut bertindak
    setan2 jungkir-balik kesenengan (kurang ajar ya)

    duh gusti, gusti
    jangan2 salah jalan, pikirku usap2 dagu
    perlu upgrade GPS nih, tapi mana petanya?

    Wong harusnya petanya gak berubah kok, kenapa bisa gini ya? Ada yang bisa tolong kasih arah?

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    I don't know where to go yet (English version) 

    I don't know where to go yet, said I to the shadow in the mirror
    but hopefully I'm going the right path

    But somehow, said I, scratching my head
    the more I go, the more enemies I saw

    cold eyes starin'
    smiles missin'
    faces hidin'

    O God,
    instead of me having easier time loving people
    it's people having harder time loving me

    have a pity, mind you, for the patient & kind people that still say hi & bye, they try so hard to be nice,
    most probably they also remember me in prayers.. hey, I'm flattered
    just hope that it's not this case: "Forgive her Lord, for she didn't know what she's doing" (who knows?)

    Yea, that's the way it goes... the older I get, the more often I slip
    more stupid behaviors, more mistakes, more afraid of doing anything
    the devils joyfully prance (how insolent)

    O God,
    Perhaps I took a wrong turn? said I, stroking my chin
    I need to upgrade my GPS, where's the map?

    The map shouldn't even need to be changed, but how did it turn out to be this way? Could anyone help with the road?

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    Tuesday, April 03, 2007

    La Jolla 5k Run - part 1 

    After looking at his shiny half-marathon medal, I suddenly got an urge to participate in some sport activity. I loved the sense of accomplishment when a runner crossed the finish line. So I was very enthusiastic when I heard there's a La Jolla 5k run on April. Imagine, running alongside the beautiful beach of La Jolla..

    That was on January. On February, I tried running with him in Torrey Pines. My target was simple, to run as far as I could. I ended up feeling sick after running around 1 mile. Mind you, the weather was super cold for my non-fat body. I wasn't used to the stupid cold beach air. I couldn't breathe! I felt like my lungs rejected the cold sandy air. Plus, I didn't really stretch well before running.

    That was a bad experience. I concluded that I wasn't fit for the sport, & the weather in April will be too cold that I couldn't breathe, so I gave up.

    Then, around mid-March, I accidentally saw a postcard from his running buddy, about how that buddy & his wife cannot wait to run with us this April. Yep, I promised to enter the 5k run with her wife back in January. Suddenly I feel guilty about how I wouldn't be able to fulfill that promise.

    Around end of March, the guilt feeling increased that I started having weird dreams. Perhaps it has something to do with the very pretty lawyer (the wife) that makes you obligated to ensure her happiness. Beautiful people! Thou art evil! Argh! (I'm a girl btw..) So last weekend I decided to enter the run.

    Now I have to train for 3.1 miles in 3 weeks time. I can't run during my lunch time, so my only training time will be past 7pm on treadmills in his office gym (for free *evil grin).

    I just registered for the race tonight. Wish me luck.

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    Monday, April 02, 2007

    Interesting fact: Femina magazine & other media corps 

    I thought Femina magazine is Indonesia-based company. Apparently not. It is a subsidiary branch from an Indian media company.

    Taken from WikiPedia:

    Femina is a magazine, published fortnightly in India. It is owned by The Times Group. It is primarily a women's magazine and features articles on Relationships, Beauty & Fashion, Cuisine, and Health & Fitness. It also features articles on celebrities and various cultural facets of Indian women.

    Femina was first published in July 1959. It has organized and sponsored the Femina Miss India beauty pageant since 1964. In 2005 Filmfare and Femina, along with several minor brands were split off into a subsidiary. 50% of this subsidiary has been sold to BBC Magazines

    While you're at it, you may find these two Media Conglomerates interesting:
    - Seventeen, ESPN, History Channel, Cosmopolitan, Oprah magazine, etc
    - MySpace, 20th Century Fox, Fox News, Star TV, ANTV (Indonesia), Vogue, GQ etc

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