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    Monday, March 26, 2007

    May the Lord proclaim his justice on earth as it is in heaven 

    When I believe I was a victim of injustice

    when that underage drunk driver with no insurance hit my under-insured car,
    when that crooks in New Jersey rob my parents and ruin our vacation,
    when people started seeking pleasure out of pain from each other,
    when people started to bad-mouth & ostracize a fellow,

    O, how they have done wrong, how they will face justice someday due to the pain they've caused!

    Then I started to think about

    when I almost hit so many cars because I was careless,
    when I robbed someone's time due to my wishy-washiness in relationship,
    when I am ignorant of others' suffering due to my fear of being ostracized,
    when I deliberately throwing angers toward fellow Christians,

    O, How I have done wrong, how I will face justice someday due to the pain I've caused!

    May the Lord have mercy on sinful people, especially those who called themselves your followers yet understandingly live a shameful life.

    May the Lord bless the victims of injustice, remove the bitterness from their hearts and give peace to their mind. May justice comes swift & quick on Earth as it is in Heaven.

    For the victims of discrimination in Indonesia, O God, no matter what race is involved, heal their wound, remove their bitterness & bless their lives with grace so abundant, in here or in the after-life.

    Because we are humans Lord. We do not know what we cannot see. We believe what have been given by the fragmented societies in all sides. Fellow men hated fellow men. Fellow women cursed fellow women. Humans against humans.

    May the grace of Faith bestowed upon us, so we may speak of others in kind & forgiving ways. O God, please stop us when we want to infect other people with our unsurpassing hatred. Please put brakes in our mouth when we start preaching insolent discrimination towards those who are different from us. Please stop the never-ending bigot emails from spreading around, poisoning the mind with bigotry.

    May the Lord put controls on our brains when our human thoughts start judging things we shouldn't judge.
    May people of all nations learned from saints who sacrificed their lives for good cause. May all countries who lost men & women of truth will be healed.

    The almighty God sees nation rises & falls
    Great kingdoms will rise & fall O God, so too will this great nation I'm living in.
    May our hearts remember that the only great Kingdom is Yours only.

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    Friday, March 16, 2007

    Ecumenism in progress! 

    I'm all for ecumenism. The Universal (or in Greek, Katholikos, more known as Catholic) Christian ecumenism in which we can all agree on.

    Catholic has many things to improve & learn from our brothers, the Protestants. Due to its super old age, there are many things in Catholic Church that desperately need reforms. If you study Catholic history, you noticed that the Church is dynamic, constantly changing (but not in serious doctrinal subjects though). For example, we use to have only Latin mass, in which people need to understand Latin to truly understand what's going on. Now we have mass & sing hymn in common language, so people can relate more. Not all popes are great too, there are some notoriously bad popes. We can only distinguished the good from the bad ones through history.

    The Protestants need to consider a mean to stop the non-ending divisions and disagreements among themselves, and thus we can all be one Church in Christ. They need to understand that their movement was once not to create truly separate entity & reject the Roman Catholic Church, but it was to Reform the once Corrupt Church. That was then, war has been fought, The Church has learned its lesson. The continuation of "Protest" movement will only bring harm, and within time what was universally true in 15th century was rejected now due to lack of continuity. Compare Lutheran manuscripts with today's pop American church theology. With many smart brains trying to decipher the bible (which inspired by the Holy Spirit), if it is truly inspired, why is there so many differences in interpretations? Are the Holy Spirit(s) contradict themselves?

    Article by Stephen Long, professor at Garett-Evangelical Theological Seminary (Evanston, IL)
    In need of a pope

    Churches back plan to unite under Pope
    Complete article here: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/faith/article1403702.ece

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    Monday, March 12, 2007

    Snowboarding trip 2006 

    Soundtrack is legally owned! Don't sue me!

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    The lost prayer 

    In the silence of the street, I try remembering how to pray

    The God that was close to my childhood, the everlasting God.
    The simple, cheap rosary that I lovingly held every night

    The memory must still be there, somewhere, in between times, the naive little girl over there who will offer 1 month of rosary so her favorite badminton player can win the championship game

    Please come back to me, my dear prayer that I hold so tight during childhood, the innocence of those days

    Have I lost to the path of the Devil? World is so unexpected. We have been involved in the big illusion called the Modern life. So noisy. So daunting. So useless. So meaningless.

    -- written some time back in 2006

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    Friday, March 02, 2007

    Pak Gendut & Madona was published... 

    .. In "Chic Magazine No. 1 - III -- 28/02"

    I haven't read it nor do I have access to the magazine from here :(

    But for sure I'm happy &...

    I feel pretty,
    Oh so pretty,
    I feel pretty and witty and bright!
    And I pity
    any girl who isn't me
    toniiiigghhtt... (lyric from here - West Side Story 1961)

    If you can, please go check it out and let me know what you think.

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