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Harusnya: pulang Indo, nulis macem2, kerja wartawan budaya, bina keluarga sejahtera, ikutan nongkrong bareng Romo Sandyawan dkk, ikut2 politik buat angkat derajat orang Tiong Hoa dalam hukum.
Ternyata: terdampar di San Diego CA USA, hedon dan hedon dan hedon...
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    Thursday, June 29, 2006

    Article: Am I a bully? 

    If you enjoy making other people feel small, or enjoy making people fear you it is likely that you are bullying other people.

    This bullying could take many different forms. Maybe you like to tease people by name calling or making nasty remarks, but take it one step too far. Maybe you like to hit other people, punching and kicking them, making them fear you. Maybe you like to make others feel unwanted by trying to exclude them out of everything that you and your friends do. Perhaps you like to send malicious emails and text messages to people that you don't like.

    Are you the sort of person who behaves aggresively? This may include trying to get your own way all the time, or getting people to do things they don't want to do, shouting at people or being violent towards others. You may appear confident outwardly, however on the inside you could be very unconfident, and you are probably bullying others because of your own personal problems. You may be being bullied at home - being abused by a parent or brother or sister, or being bullied at school by others. It is important that you don't take out your problems on other people.

    Taken from: http://www.bullywatch.org/amiabully.htm

    My 1-cent:
    Define "making other people small." Make them lose their self-confidence? Underestimate their accomplishments? Always scorn at their choices? Make fun of others' misfortunes? For what purpose?

    For making yourself higher? Because you feel insecure & scared of your own imperfections?

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    Don't drag me down 

    Don't drag me down.
    Don't lead me down.
    Don't judge me low.
    Don't say I can't do it.
    Don't say that it's a stupid thing to do.

    I've played it safe before. I'm not satisfied. I want to be free.

    Watch me fly. Watch me crash. Watch me learn from mistakes, over & over again. Life isn't perfect. Life is the way the Lord intended. Crash boom bang & pretty ooh aah. All of em.

    Did your eyes say that I'm a lower being? To be treated as a secondary nature?

    Hear, hear. I won't place you as lower from me or as some people to be controlled. We're the same, with different cross to bear, different talent to use. No less, no more. I won't worship someone that think s/he's better than God.

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    Thursday, June 22, 2006

    A matter of perspective 

    I see people
    I see problems
    I see unfulfilled dreams
    I see anxiety
    I see disappointment

    I see people
    I see forced laughters
    I see insincere attitudes
    I see hidden rage
    I see tremendeous sadness

    Seems like we run the race to happiness & contentment
    Yet we aren't really sure what is "happiness & contentment"
    So we ask around, whether the other racers have found it
    They say "Yes!" with blissful face. The next minute they say "I don't know" with confusion.

    Is it a matter of perspective? That you should always see life in positive light and ignore the shadows? What really makes you happy? What is happiness?

    Buddha said that life is all about suffering
    Christ said blessed are those who are poor & suffer, for theirs is the Kingdom of God

    Why Buddha is soo "negative"? Why did he doom our life as being worthless?
    Why Jesus is soo "negative"? Why did He expect us to suffer as His follower?

    Perhaps they are wroong.. Afterall, they invented cults that has huge followers. Yea, those blind & stupid followers. Can't they all see that life is all about happiness - laughters - fun fun fun - huge parties - sexy ladies - great mountains - vast plains - relaxing beaches? Damn they all.

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    Thursday, June 15, 2006

    3 steps of life - a0z0ra's style 

    1) Da Ignorantez
    Eh?? What is that? *goes back to deep slumber

    2) Da Analizerz
    In this situation, the current practice succeed because of these reasons *building charts & theories

    3) Da Doerz
    Ready or not - here I come! *goes into the practice


    >> Now let's apply the 3 steps to game of business

    Ignorantez: Starting a business? Nah, that's too hard for me.
    Analizerz: McDonalds' success is because of good locations/real estate & product consistency. The large branding (Big yellow M) also help.
    Doerz: Let's make a new fastfood chain. We will call it: In & Out.

    >> How about social changes?

    Ignorantez: What can I do? I'm just a regular guy/gal. Nothing can change that stupid country & mindset.
    Analizerz: Our country can succeed if we educate the people, change the mindset, while preserving the unique values.
    Doerz: Let's make scholarships for teachers and professors in various fields. In few years time they will hear us roar again! -- Thus Japan & Germany succeed after being defeated in WW II.

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    Monday, June 12, 2006

    Love and Positive Events - Nice article 

    Love and Positive Events

    She asks how do you respond when your mate tells you that she’s just been promoted, or your teenager tells you that the most beautiful girl in his class just accepted a date with him, or when your father tells you that he just made a hole-in-one, or when your best friend tells you that she just had an article accepted by the Psychological Review? Shelly divides the possible responses into the following four categories:
    * Do you "react enthusiastically" (active-constructive)? "That’s the best news I’ve heard this week, and I’ll bet its just the first of many big raises you’ll get."
    * Do you "point out the potential problems or down sides of the good event" (active-destructive)? "Are you sure you can handle the added responsibility?"
    * Do you "say little, but convey that you are happy to hear the news" (passive-constructive)? "That’s very nice, my dear."
    * Do you "seem uninterested" (passive-destructive)? "Isn’t all this rain something?"

    My 10-cents:
    I'm especially interested in the "active-destructive" part.

    Sure, you're happy for that person, but you should remind her/him know all the possible catastrophic events that might occur, no? After all, this world is a really bad place to live. Only paranoid survives.. said one wise man.

    Thus all good surprises/nice ideas get shot down way too quick. Making new business? You'll fail! Be an entrepreneur? You're crazy!

    Instead of offering pure happiness & support, too much "active-destructive" comments create fear & paranoia. It's like thousands of hands keep dragging you down, unwilling to let you go outside of ordinary, unwilling to let you take the chance to succeed/failure.

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    Thursday, June 08, 2006

    Thanks man 

    I'm blogger of the week:

    I'm really happy! One slight correction though:
    ".. His thoughts on Amazingly Simple Rules and Teasing War = Where's Love? are also interesting to read..."

    Hm.. I'm actually a She.

    Regarding my style of writing, when I was in high school I rented a book from the library. It was Anthony de Mello - Burung Berkicau. I fell in love with that writing style ever since. Then a friend introduced me to sufism & Kahlil Gibran. You kinda know what happened next.

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    Thursday, June 01, 2006

    Gempa Jogja 


    Yogya, selayang pandang, ingatan memudar benar-benar
    cuma ingat cahaya bulan, bintang dan balada si KLa

    "Pulang ke kotamu, Ada setangkup haru dalam rindu
    Masih seperti dulu. Tiap sudut menyapaku bersahabat, penuh selaksa makna"

    Sungguh jauh. Mari menutup mata dan bayangkan.

    Malam hari datang. Cahya lampu minyak dan suara belalang dari balik reruntuhan.
    Bau bencana. Debu semen campur tanah.
    Isak tangis dan lolongan dari mereka yang kehilangan, jalan pelan-pelan.

    "Walau kini kau t'lah tiada tak kembali
    Namun kotamu hadirkan senyummu abadi
    Ijinkanlah aku untuk s'lalu pulang lagi
    Bila hati mulai sepi tanpa terobati"

    Hm. Bisa kembalikah dia? Cuma tertinggal ingatan yang membantunya pulang.

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