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    Monday, January 30, 2006

    Future major: Human Engineering 

    Guardian Unlimited | Science | There is no stop button in the race for human re-engineering

    For example, if you can have Viagra for an enhanced sexual life, why not a Viagra for the mind? Is there a meaningful difference? If we show such enthusiasm for "improving" our noses and breasts with cosmetic surgery, why not also improve our brains? As computers continue to increase in power and shrink in size, why shouldn't we come to use them as prostheses, a kind of artificial limb for the brain? If we have successfully lengthened life expectancy with good sanitation and diet, why can't we lengthen it with new drugs? Ritalin is already being traded in the classroom by US students to help improve their concentration.

    My 25-cents:
    Computer Engineering? Done. Electrical Engineering? Bah, done. Chemical Engineering? Leh, done.

    Human Engineering, anyone? Hmmm.. sounds promising. Perhaps that's the future, where all the money will come. Need-..more-..money-..

    Thus humans racing in time to follow the trend, without fully aware about the future horrible effects.

    As far as I understand, Catholic Church is always the reluctant side to go with the trend. They crawl so very slowly everyone feels like we're sooo outdated. Thus we are being laughed at so many times. "A turtle, your church is", speaking Yoda-like.

    In this trend of human engineering, we proudly stand that we are against stemcell research. Just like saying no to abortion, we try to predict the future on what could "Roe vs. Wade" bring to the sanctity of sexuality. We fully hold that the human values are more than just sexuality, richness, healthier lifestyle, freedom against pain and diseases, prolonged life expectation etc etc. New diseases, feeling of inadequacy & suffering will always exist. Humans are never perfect by themselves.

    It's your relationship with the Owner of your life that really matters in the end.

    So hear, hear. Let see what might happened now. Meanwhile, I know on which side I will be.

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    Thursday, January 26, 2006

    Photoshop magic 

    I heart Photoshop even though it's evil you know. What can I say, I've been livin with the devil ever since I was in high school; trying to fix my photos so that I appear to have a nose bridge.. tee hee hee...

    Well, Photoshop is da #1 tool for fixing photos ok? For instance check this one out.

    Like omg are those ghosts in the photo? I cannot see anything except the bright window!! We have to fix this poor fellow! That photo is ill! Quick! Call the doctor!

    *open door* Hello *smile* I'm the photoshop doctor. Hmmm.. just look at this... this is what you get when you dont use flash takin photo inside a dark room u dummie! But fear not, for I am she who is gifted, she who is so smart, she who speak in tongue.....



    Now you can see that girl on the left is daydreaming. lol!

    Now this one is a different case.

    What the.. ???? It was a nice, bright and sun shining day. Why is it so blue?




    TADA!!! Yea, snow is supposed to be white. Dont mess with God.

    Feel free to send your ill-fated photos and if I have time I would try to fix it.

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    Monday, January 23, 2006

    Keeping Secrets 

    Keeping Secrets - A simple prescription for keeping Google's records out of government hands. By Tim Wu

    But the big news for most Americans shouldn't be that the administration wants yet more confidential records. It should be the revelation that every single search you've ever conducted—ever—is stored on a database, somewhere. Forget e-mail and wiretaps—for many of us, there's probably nothing more embarrassing than the searches we've made over the last decade. Google's campus LCD sounds like it's just fun and games, but when a search can be linked to you (through the IP address recorded by Google), that's a lot less fun. And when, as we're seeing, it can all be demanded by the government, that's no fun at all.

    My blah-blah:
    That is Google. Yahoo & Microsoft already surrendered the data to DaBigBro aka US Government.

    Have faith? Imagine God. Imagine His GIGANTIC database. Imagine if "what's hidden in the corner will be proclaimed in the rooftop"

    ... Kyrie eleison. (O Lord, Have Mercy)

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    Friday, January 20, 2006

    Google is my 1337 Lova' 

    Here I am, sitting in front of computer... feeling bored, unmotivated, tired.. then out of nowhere I suddenly type gibberish stuff:
    "bored to death"
    "life uncertainty"
    "I am fake"
    "please help I have ADHD"

    and so Google replied:

    Worthy of Consideration ... Being Bored
    that I am bored. Bored to death. The universe may be fascinated with itself, ... The very words "bored to death" indicate that strongly. ...
    www.simplysharing.com/bored.htm -"

    Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don't let them...
    “Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don't let them scare you unduly,
    for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity.” RI Fitzhenry quotes ...

    E-Ministries: e-Devotional: RELATIONSHIP TO RELIGION IN HALF A ...
    I am fake. And so I get exactly what I ask for. I get my pride. I sacrifice my
    relationship with Jesus to the religion of my pride. ...

    # something that is a counterfeit; not what it seems to be
    # forge: make a copy of with the intent to deceive; "he faked the signature"; "they counterfeited dollar bills"; "She forged a Green Card"
    # imposter: a person who makes deceitful pretenses
    # fudge: fake or falsify; "Fudge the figures"; "cook the books"; "falsify the data"
    # bogus: fraudulent; having a misleading appearance
    # juke: (football) a deceptive move made by a football player
    # bullshit: talk through one's hat; "The politician was not well prepared for the debate and faked it"
    # not genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article; "it isn't fake anything; it's real synthetic fur"; "faux pearls"; "false teeth"; "decorated with imitation palm leaves"; "a purse of simulated alligator hide"

    When Adults Have ADHD - November 1, 2000 - American Family Physician
    People with ADHD have a hard time organizing things, listening to instructions,
    ... Stimulants and antidepressants often help people with ADHD. ...

    Feels like I have an alknowing being that really understand my feeling. I so heart Google.

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    Wednesday, January 18, 2006

    Jimmy Choo is from Penang 

    Jimmy Choo Shoes

    Jimmy Choo is one of Carrie Bradshaw's (Sex & the City) favorite shoe brand. Retail price: > $500.00...

    Leh, me can only buy < $50.00 for a pair of shoes..

    Jimmy Choo was born in Penang, Malaysia in 1961 into a family of shoe makers. He made his first shoe when he was only 11 years old. He attended Cordwainers's Technical College in London and the London College of Fashion.
    Jimmy Choo's style is always elegant, feminine and occasionally seductive. Jimmy Choo Couture shoes were favoured by the Princess of Wales, who would buy one style in several colours for evening wear and to coordinate with her day suits. Jimmy Choo lost count of the number of shoes he made for Princess Diana. After the separation she could frequently be seen in his delicate high-heeled shoes, a style that she could not wear when walking with her shorter husband.

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    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    Sinema Indonesia - News & Review Film Indonesia 

    Sinema Indonesia - News & Review Film Indonesia

    4 Indonesians only :( They wrote with wittiness & sharp jokes that is very rare among Indonesians. Highly recommended AAAA++++

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    Saturday, January 14, 2006

    Sayonara is never easy 

    Sayonara-sayonara sampai berjumpa pulang2x
    Buat apa susah, buat apa susah
    susah itu tak ada gunanya

    I start to feel the need to settle down
    kind of tired with this modern life
    of saying hello, investing time & respect
    only to find that they will one day gone to start a new life somewhere far

    People shouldn't keep movin on the highway you know
    Goodbye can only be said so many times, it's not good for the soul

    Till we meet again bah

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    Wednesday, January 11, 2006

    Asian Dating Style 

    Are you an Asian? Are you a Christian? Have you read "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" because your Spiritual Leader told you so? Are you scared of "dating" because you aren't sure whether you glorify Him?

    Fear not my friends.. for the Westerner style of dating hasn't really affected most of us. We date (or court or whateva you want to call it) mostly for the purpose of "Getting to know each other better" & "See if we're compatible for marriage."

    Most of the Christian Leaders' concern is that dating has become some form of entertainment, where relationships between two opposite-sex don't lead to marriage. Thus they continually warn us, peek on our lives, trying to rebuke us over & over again, screaming "Don’t Date!" What happened next? We, the clueless Asians who embraced Christianity, fear of relationships because our Westerner brothers told us so. After all, they know more about our religion than us isn't it?

    The truth is.. They don’t have a clue on type of relationship we currently believed in. They haven't live & know enough of our culture. They thought we're embracing the same type of dating like we eat McDonalds and dance to Hip-Hop.

    You see, I don’t see much similarity between Westerner & Asian dating style among Indonesians. Most single people who are currently involved in a relationship suggested that they are looking for long terms. Most couples will not confess to the fact that they are thinking about marriage. Most will say that they just want to have fun, but in the end they will keep on seeing each other for 2-5 years and proceed to marriage. The statistics of married Asians showed that they only have less than 5 partners before tying the knots. So our dating style is actually what they called "Courtship." Their dating style is the one depicted in "Sex & the City." Most of our Asian Dramas stories revolved around one and only true love, not around some singles in their 30s & housewives and their ever-changing partners.

    Yea, I know a couple of my friends that regularly switch partners (> 8!!) like hot-selling-cakes. But deep inside I believe that most of us are "Conservatives" - borrowing their political terms. Divorce rates are still low in Asia, though some stupid celebrities start to ride the Liz Taylor trend. PDA (Public Displays of Affection) still cause controversies. Playboys & Playgirls are seen as deviants, not as heroes. So relax, take your time, enjoy the ride. We're not as screwed up (in Christian term) as our Westerner brothers. Meanwhile, my beloved Westerner Christian Ministers.. may God always be with your war against "Sex & the City" dating style & 50% divorce rate. Our prayers will always be with you.

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    Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    Casts Photos! 

    Presenting the casts of "Holiday Report! - Scene 1"

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    Monday, January 09, 2006

    Holiday Report! - Scene 2 

    DEC 30-31- JAN 1-2 2006 PASADENA TRIP OI

    Casts: Pat Me Jo (Pat's sister) Oscar (her hubby) Elise (her daughter)

    Pat had invited several people to go to LA for New Year celebration & watching Pasadena Rose Parade. There were like 4 people that planned on going, but in the end I'm the only one that can go (due to space limitation).

    I was reluctant at first. Special time like New Year's Eve should be spent among familiar faces, the one that you care about; family, long-time friends, lovers etc etc. Even though my heart is kinda heavy with the thought of spending New Year without any of my friends, in the end I thought: What the heck, let's celebrate New Years with strangers this time.. Let's try to have a complete different experience. For a highly stressed girl with social anxiety like me, this is a big move.
    It turned out to be an excellent big move. I was fed like never before! As far as I remember I ate and ate like crazy. Thus I declared last New Year trip as The Most Appetizing New Year's Ever (TM).

    Dec 30 - Lunch: Texas BBQ on Quartzsite. Arrived on LA around 6-7pm. Dinner: Pat's sister (later known as Sister/Sista) made Soto Ayam. Taste pretty much like the original if eaten without the sweet soy sauce. She got her recipe from this William-Sonoma book about Southeast Asian Food.

    Dec 31 - Lunch: Dim Sum at Empress in Chinatown LA. One of the most amazing Dim Sum I've ever eaten. They have the best Chicken Feet ever!
    After lunch we went to downtown Pasadena. Along the way we ate at Cheesecake Factory. Tried this green drink whatchamomcallit(*1) that taste really good.
    Dinnertime! Helped to make Singapore Spring roll(*2) for appetizer. Had steamboat for dinner, 5 of us & additional casts – sista’s friend Docus, sista's father-in-law & gf. REAL steamboat, with yellow cedokan (do u know what I'm talking about? The one to grab the meat & everything solid itu loh), made-from-scratch chicken broth and super thin meat. Had all kind of Chinese dessert to end the feast. Talk about REAL dinner!

    Jan 1 - Went to Da Big Modern Cathedral "Our lady of the angels" in Downtown LA. Went to downstairs mausoleum. Washington DC Cathedral's is better.
    Lunch: Peruvian Restaurant. They have this kind of fish appetizer that is so out of this world. Sista's hubby told us that the fish is half cooked in marinade. (*3) It is soo tasty I can eat 2 more plates, but luckily my good table manner won out.
    Dinner: Noodle World. So-so. Cannot beat Indonesian noodles k.

    Jan 2. It rained very heavily. We decided to watch the rose parade on TV & go see the parked floats (for $5) later on.
    Still later on when we went to the park it rained & rained like nobody's business, thus we couldn't really enjoy the floats and admire the details; can only say "Wah so pretty", took pictures or "go ask somebody to take picture."
    Lunch: Penang. Pat said the char kwee tiaw(*4) is pretty authentic.
    Dinner: In & Out at Phx.

    RESULT: Gain 5 pounds. Hope I can keep it! Feed me pl0x.

    1) "whatchamomcallit" drink = mojito
    2) I succeed in frying the SingSprRoll cup thingy while the others have failed miserably (kuahahah). I have hidden talent in frying things.
    3) fish cooked with citrus juice -> ceviche
    4) according to a penang-ese, it should be char koay teow. I still think the correct spelling is char kwee tiaw. Indonesians know best.

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    Friday, January 06, 2006

    Holiday Report! - Scene 1 

    DEC 25-26-27 2005 SNOWBOARD TRIP YO

    CAST: Sonny - Nining - Adresya - FeeLi - Patrick - Me

    25th DEC - So on 25th at around 7:30-8am we departed from Tucson to Greer, Arizona. It was a smooth ride, all enjoyed their nice naps and left Sonny & Nining watched for the road. Yea, we trust you guys... ZzzZZzz

    We arrived there on 12:30pm. Lift ticket was so cheap! Only $15! lalalala... Sadly, our snowboard equipment & shoes are crappy and we had to pay like $43 @#^$&* The reason for such cheapo is that they only have manmade snows & 2 beginner lifts opened. Boy manmade snows are so painful if you fell, especially on butts. You can feel that the cushion is like 2 inches thick and the rest is ice! As ice-hard as the one in your freaking fridge k.

    After a HARD day (no pun intended), we had our dinner at a surprisingly good Chinese food near our motel. Perhaps it's really good or perhaps we're just mighty hungry. Then we went to sleep after rubbing almost a good half of Nining's Counterpain all over our painful muscles.

    26th DEC - Guess what. We don’t have any threatening muscle pain (well, butt-pain excluded) to prevent us from doing another round! So we grab our rented snowboard equipment for $25 from another place. Half day of pure snowboarding again.. Hooray!

    A little accident occurred when Fee Li experienced bad lift landing, like 10 minutes before the park closed. The lift take-off there is so dangerous ok? The steep is so icy and there isn't enough space to control your turn. Even though Fee Li only felt shock, the medics there refused to let her go by her own. They managed to persuade her to take care of her supposedly injured ankles. Thus free sleigh ride for Fee Li.

    We went back to hotel, Fee Li & me tried the Jacuzzi to relax our tiring legs, and then we went to this freaking expensive Japanese restaurant. Definitely not worthy.

    27th DEC - We went to Big Lake for supposedly boating. Surprise2x. No water left.. only ice. So we cannot boat on ice, we took some pictures instead. The wind is so chilly! Feels like we're in north pole or something.. Brrr...

    We said our goodbye to Pinetop, grabbed a quick lunch along the way, and had dinner at Bison Witches in Tucson Downtown.

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    Wednesday, January 04, 2006

    New Year Resolution 

    1) To be in love with myself, knowing that I am lovable & a good girl
    2) Talk to people, open up
    3) Fear not of commitment & intimacy
    4) Have a meaningful relationship with someone worthy of me
    5) Surrender to Him more
    6) Not afraid to be human, have fun, go mad, make mistakes & repent
    7) Learn how to play piano again (yay!)
    8) Have more discipline, wake up earlier, organize better
    9) Write more stuff
    10) Be more emotionally stable, beat depression
    11) Speak better English (w/ correct pronounciation) and less Ingrish
    12) Be a model (!!!) bleh

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    Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    Thank you all for a great year! 

    I promise I will write more and more. Holiday report & special request coming soon!

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