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Harusnya: pulang Indo, nulis macem2, kerja wartawan budaya, bina keluarga sejahtera, ikutan nongkrong bareng Romo Sandyawan dkk, ikut2 politik buat angkat derajat orang Tiong Hoa dalam hukum.
Ternyata: terdampar di San Diego CA USA, hedon dan hedon dan hedon...
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    Sunday, March 12, 2017

    Rolling with it 

    It's pretty funny, I thought once I get to a certain age, I will lose all anxieties and insecurities.  I did, for a while, and somehow lately I recognize that the demon is back with full force.  

    The difference this time around is I'm accepting my demon so much and just go forward with it.  He is an old adversary, I know him very well, he will be gone soon. 

    The universe always is a cruel bastard and you have to make do, not to take it too seriously and be creative.    Bonus if somehow we can joke around while being pestered.

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    Sunday, February 12, 2017

    Keep walking 

    We the Chinese, grit is inside our cursed, collective souls as red is the color of blood.

    Survive, work hard, keep pushing.  Rest is for the weak.

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    Thursday, February 09, 2017

    Rat on a ring 

    Wheels on the bus
    Cat in a hat
    Rat on a ring

    Heart on a sleeve
    Beats on a drum
    Raindrops on the ground
    Sun in the sky

    Messages from the queue
    Data on the cloud
    System on the mind
    System on the heart
    System on the soul

    Engineering all around
    Rat on a ring

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    Saturday, February 04, 2017

    Lovely mess 

    If you say what a ton of mess you are, in life, in love, in everything!
    I say How lovely!
    What a lovely mess you are, what a lovely, lovely mess

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    Thursday, January 26, 2017

    The man who loves rain 

    Thus this man who loves rain, makes one wonder!

    The rain is a cruel, cruel creation the Lord use to punish us lowly beings.  Remember the Ark? Lightning very very frightening and Galileo Galileo Beelzebub the Satan has turn this lament into unrecognizable blubber. LOL.

    But digressions, we need them!  Because he is wonderful, very wonderful.  Pray for strength, pray for sustenance, pray for amunition, dear heart. For the battle you must win!

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    Do you know the way to San Diego? 

    Do you know the way to San Diego?  That beautiful, beautiful city.

    I've been away too long from you, that treacherous beaches, stealing hearts, breaking dreams, leaving souls craving more more more of those sandy imprints on your feet, saltiness of the air, the sunset glows, golden sky, then what's left of the magical day, haunting sounds of waves after waves after waves.

    I miss you, yet I know it's only been one fall or winter, but come soon o summer.  This rainy season is not you! I refuse.

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    Sunday, January 22, 2017

    It probably is a dream 

    It probably is a dream, an illusion, a make believe that the sun decides to pay me a visit.  The lonely soul tricks me into making the art into a living being.

    The art exist only to laugh at me, to destroy what is left of my fragmented illusion.  But this too shall pass.

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    Tuesday, January 03, 2017

    The wolf loves the moon 

    The wind knows how much the wolf loves the moon
    The beautiful moon
    Far, too far to reach
    Too painful to keep

    That feeling is not meant to be
    Yet it lingers, lingers like the thickness of night suffocates the brightness of the light

    What's the use?  Just kill, kill it
    Sleep, heart, sleep
    Leave no trace in the morning, stop howling

    For it is not meant to be, remain a forever mystery

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    Tuesday, November 08, 2016

    The demon, the demon is back 

    The demon, the demon is back
    He has eyes of a thousand suns, he laughs maniacally around the moon and then he dance, dance with raging crying soul with cuts so deep and unrecognizable.

    So we are swept away along  with him, enchanted, fallen further into the abyss of the stars, unknowingly if we are about to crash, crash, crash and then we will


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    Wednesday, January 14, 2015

    Words are not here anymore 

    So you keep going on your road, shadows of people past present and future accompanying you, and still you feel alone.  This, you already know, since birth is a lonely process, and you anticipate that death will be the same.

    You thought Words are your soulmate, as they will never leave your side.  You start feeling that this, too, is false, as Words have their own will and they tend to go to where the next most lovable lover is.  That person is not you at the moment.  You have been estranged by Words.  Are you desperate to have them back?  Do you plan to love them as much as you love them before?  After all, you promise something to Words and you kinda abandoned them.  7 years itch and they are not there anymore.

    So without them, will anyone still listen?  Without Words, you will be skipped from anyone's mind like just another average person.  But then, isn't this a better life?

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    Wednesday, December 17, 2014

    Maybe Tomorrow - a snippet 

    "Are you going somewhere?" Bumi asked.  He didn't like the way the conversation going.  It feels like goodbye.

    "Yes," Anne replied, pointing her finger to the night sky.  Her beautiful face, long flowing hair shined brightly under the moon.

    Bumi wasn't sure what she meant by that.  There he waited for her next explanation.


    Strangely, Bumi wasn't shocked.  Anne - despite looking perfectly youthful supposedly with the same appearance in her 20s - was a centennarian. She is definitely overdue for a one-way trip to Mars, where seniors "voluntarily" go to the new frontier, living precariously and governing themselves with various experimental living themes until they expired.

    "Which village?" Bumi asked.

    Anne shrugged.  "I like the 50s village, at least in the brochure it looks very promising. And who knows..." Anne chuckled, "...I could meet a good ole husband there!"

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